Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peranakan Museum Singapore

A visit to the new Singapore Peranakan Museum showed some lovely textiles and beadwork. The Peranakans or Nyonyas are known for their elaborate wedding attire, beaded shoes and bags and the distinctive bright colours of their ceramics, Nyonyaware.
These beaded shoes are still on the beading loom.

Unfortunately no flash photography was allowed, so it's difficult to see the true colours.

The embroidery and beading on this pageboy wedding outfit is magnificent.

The tiled floor outside the kitchen could be a new design for a quilt!

The beadweaving is almost a forgotten art, but has been rediscovered by a local woman who now teaches classes.

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Bernadette said...

Hi Alison, thanks for visiting my blog now I have found yours! You have some beautiful photos here and I loved the little christmas ornaments. I was disappointed to hear that you probably won't be in Adelaide, who else will keep me supplied with bubbly at the dinner???