Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabric Covered Journals

My friend Melinda is running classes to make these fabric covered journals. She has sourced all the bookbinding supplies as well as the gorgeous fabrics and ribbons. The test group had a great time making these. She is also going run classes for her lovely quilts.
I then returned for another class to make a covered recipe book. Diaries, journals, address books and guest books are just a few of the other options. What a great way to personalise a gift for someone. Don't they look awesome?
Mind you, I haven't written a thing in mine yet. Anything less than gold lettering or stunning penmanship will ruin it I'm sure.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Milo McDoodle

How cute is this little guy? He's perched in his favourite spot - on one of the armchairs with a silk cushion for added comfort. I have found a wonderful groomer who doesn't want to just chop all his wool off. Someone did ask me what I did with the leftovers - apparently I could spin it and knit the wool into a hat!