Saturday, August 08, 2009

“Bonzer” the Koala

We are pleased to introduce “Bonzer”.   During our recent trip to Victoria and the Quilt Show, Miss14 found the pattern for Bonzer and his mate Beaut by Melly and Me.  She spent ages at the show choosing just the right fabrics and has now put the finishing stitches in.  For someone who has sewn probably twice on a sewing machine, I think she’s done an amazing job!  Machine stitched, machine applique, hand applique and embroidery.

058Looks like we may have another stitcher in the family!


Marls said...

He is gorgeous. Well done Miss 14. I love the Melly and Me patterns and have a few in the sewing room ready to do. Keep the sewing up.
Any tips for fabric shopping in Singapore. Have a couple of days there next month.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss 14,

Lovely work. He is really cute


Melinda said...

He's a beaut! Very nice work Miss 14.