Monday, October 25, 2010


I know, I know – shouldn’t be starting another Block of the Month before the last one is finished.
It’s called The Circle Game from Amitie.  Loving the fabrics and the design.

These are blocks 1,2 and 3.  Block one (the top one) was a cinch;  Block two (on the right) was awful and block 3 simple as well.
Started off hand-piecing, but confess I am really a product of the century I live in, meaning I love technology and especially my sewing machine.
Got my BOM buddy to keep me up-to-date with this one, so I can finish something!!
And one more pic today of something else I’ve been working on…
HopeValley Quilt


Singtatter said...

Hello, I'm Ellen in Singapore. Lovely quilts you do. Quilting is something I hope to learn, but I have yet to learn sewing on the machine :( I'm a tatter though, and doing a lot of ATCs at the moment.

One Little Thread said...

Hi Ellen, You don't need a machine to quilt - plenty of quilters do it all by hand.

Lynne said...

You made such a great job of these and I love your beautiful pics of them too.