Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mum’s Quilts

My mother is a perfectionist when it comes to sewing/quilting.   My grandmother was too, but I don’t think the genetics ventured further than that! Mum doesn’t Blog. She can send an SMS, but that’s as far as technology goes; she doesn’t even own a computer.  I have her permission to put these beauties into cyberspace.  They may get an outing in a local show which is only every 2 years, but I can’t even convince her to enter anything intothe major Guild exhibition each year.   I think they should be seen by more than the inside of the spare bedroom!

Mum's pineapple 

   Mum's pineapple2

Mum is a very traditional quilter – and I mean patterns, colours, everything.

The pineapples were done with hand-dyed fabrics Mum did in a class a few years ago.  This is a major step away from anything she’s ever done. It’s only

a small, wall hanging size quilt (note to self to find the dimensions) and was a challenge in her guild which won a prize.    I love it!


Granny & GD in Flower Garden

Apparently I gave Mum a bundle of FQs a couple of years ago – can’t even remember what they are. The hexagons have been paper-pieced and the quilt

has been hand quilted.  It’s taken a couple of years, but a recent illness seemed to have spurred her on to finish it!

FlowerGarden2A close-up of Grandmother’s Flower Garden.


Marls said...

Both gorgeous. A very talented lady.

Jenny said...

What beautiful quilts, how lucky you are to have a Mum who quilts. I am the sole quilter in my family, so far. Not that I mind, it is certainly a wonderful hobby!! Will keep your info on the Singapore shops, we were there a year ago en route to UK and would love have a longer visit. Hope we win Lotto!

Kathie said...

beautiful quilt, wow!
thanks for sharing it with us

Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

hi, greetings frm singapore! lovely quilts. i just started my small projects... quilting coasters for a start... hope it turns out well.

Hannele said...

This one is stunning, your mum must be a patient person =)

happystar said...

What a beautiful piece of quilt!
I'm a Singaporean who has learnt hand quilting in Japan after living there for 2 years.
Now, coming back home, I find it difficult to find the quilting supplies, like thread and batting.

Where do you find yours from?


One Little Thread said...

Thanks, yes my mother has much more patience than me!

One Little Thread said...

Happystar....if you send me an email I can give you details of quilting supplies resources in Singapore