Monday, September 22, 2008

Quilting Challenge

Every year the Quilt Groups in Singapore have a challenge.

This year the task is to use at least a Fat Quarter of this fabric in something. It's a design by Iota called Every Iota by Robert Kaufman. Of the two colourways to choose from, there was only one left when I decided to take up the challange. Probably just as well, as I would not have been able to decide between them. Yuck. Of course there were none of the co-ordinating fabrics available, which would have made it easier. The challenge for me has been whether to make the fabric a feature or try and lose it somewhere. Fortunately Miss14 loves it. Teenagers seem to have a completely different view of the world of colour sometimes.
Bernice Bernina has decided to spit the dummy however, so the next challenge will be whether she's able to be fixed in a timely manner. I wonder why I think my machine is a woman? Surely I should rename it Bernie, as only a bloke would do this to you!

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